Baking with Kids: Tips and Tricks

  • Sep 14, 2015

Back to school means less time with your little ones at home. Create some bonding opportunities (and additional learning opportunities!) by baking with your kids after school and on the weekends. Here are some ideas to keep your little baker inspired—and to keep you sane.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Set out your tools and ingredients ahead of time. If there is prep work you can do in advance, such as softening butter, do it. If your kids want to be part of the grocery buying process, by all means, let them. Otherwise, make sure you have the necessary ingredients on hand before you get started. Choose a time to bake when you’re not going to be rushed. Wash little hands and tie back long hair.

Keep it simple. Don’t let your kids convince you that they’d be good at whipping up Baked Alaska. Stick with simple recipes initially, such as sugar cookies or chocolate brownies, and let them work their way up.

Assign tasks. If there is more than one child helping, assign tasks ahead of time so it’s clear who is doing what. This will give them a sense of ownership and keep feuding to a minimum.

Expect a mess. Accepting that kids are messy and that kids who are baking are extra messy will keep you from getting stressed out. Put a plastic tablecloth on your floor and/or the kids’ workspace, and use Welcome Home Brands bakeware to cut down on the mess.

Sample their handiwork. Once everything comes out of the oven and cools down, make a big show of trying it and heaping praise upon your little baker. You’ve just made some beautiful, and hopefully delicious, memories.

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