Giving Back By Baking

  • Oct 26, 2015

With so many heart-wrenching stories in the news, we all need to hear heart-warming stories every once in a while. And they’re out there. There are many people who are making the world a better place, and many who use their love of baking to bring a bit of sweet hope to others.

There’s the Toronto man known as The Cookie Guy (and, on Instagram, as MadVillan) who has baked over five million cookies to give away via social media in an effort to sweeten people’s days. The tradition began when he couldn’t afford to buy Christmas presents for everyone he wanted to, so he swapped out baked goods for gifts, and the idea extended beyond the Christmas season.

There’s the eight-year-old Florida baker whose love for her Easy-Bake Oven prompted her to bake a slew of brownies and cookies, sell them at church and use the proceeds to benefit dyslexia awareness and launch a library on wheels.

There’s the King Arthur Flour Company’s bread baking program, which has an entire New Hampshire student body participating in its efforts. Each student bakes two loaves for donation purposes while also learning math, science and reading skills—not to mention community service—in the process.

You too can join the movement. Prepare tasty treats for someone going through a hard time, bake bread for the homeless, bake as a way to raise money for your favorite cause—the possibilities are endless. By using Welcome Home Brands bakeware, you can bake, serve, store and give all in one unit. There’s no need for metal pans, there’s minimal mess and transport of your baked goods has never been easier! Get started today.

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